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Having a stroke? Where you are makes a huge difference in your treatment, U-M study shows

Major regional variation in use of clotbuster drug tPA reveals opportunities to improve care & prevent disability

University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation

Stroke Ready: Partnering to Increase Acute Stroke Treatment Rates in Flint, Michigan

Each year, about 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke. Disability is the greatest challenge facing survivors and their families. About two thirds of stroke survivors are left with a disability.

National Institute on Minority Health and Disparities Blog

Caregivers of black stroke survivors spend more time; but report more positive outlook

Black stroke survivors were more likely to have a caregiver and received more hours of help per week. Despite providing more hours of care, caregivers of black stroke survivors reported a positive perception of caregiving.

American Heart Association

Stroke Survivor Care Costs Medicare Beneficiaries $40 Billion Annually

The cost of caregiving for an elderly stroke survivor is estimated at $11,300 annually, according to a study presented at the 2016 International Stroke Conference, held from Feb. 17 to 19 in Los Angeles.

Neurology Advisor

Is Stroke Trending Younger?

Could be an artifact of evolving diagnostic, coding practices

MedPage Today

Think Like a Doctor: Sleeping Wife Solved!

New York Times

U.S. headache sufferers get $1 billion worth of brain scans each year, U-M study finds

Though guidelines discourage MRI & CT use for routine headache & migraine, 12% of visits to a doctor for headaches result in a scan

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