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Nearly 800,000 people suffer a stroke each year in the US. As a result, stroke is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Acute stroke treatments dramatically reduce post-stroke disability but are underutilized mostly because stroke patients do not come to the hospital in time.Interventions aiming to increase the number of stroke patients who get to the hospital quickly are limited by faulty outcome measures. As the US population ages, stroke will only claim more victims and at greater expense to individuals, families and society. It is critical that we rapidly develop rigorous scientific interventions that increase delivery of acute stroke therapy to alleviate the harmful impacts of this severe disease. We at the Skolarus Lab are developing and validating a video assessment instrument which will allow for rapid testing and targeting of behavioral interventions. Using simulated patient video vignettes – the Video Stroke Action Test (video-STAT) we hope to test stroke preparedness to increase the use of acute stroke treatments, and ultimately reduce post-stroke disability.

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